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La Galerie De Multiples is an edition gallery which distributes and presents multiples.
For over of ten years, the ambition of the gallery is to participate in the accessibility of contemporary art without popularize through the production and distribution of multiple original artworks.

The GDM gallery launches with the complicity of many artists a collection of original works which are particularly accessible: 100 for 100. GDM offers 100 artists to perform a work on paper that will be published in 100 copies and sold at the price of 100 euros. The artists will be from different nationalities, generations and reputations. The used techniques are different as well (screen printing, pigment printing, photography ...). Only the format stays the same: 60 x 40 cm.

As part of this Collection 100%, Marchela Apostolova made a proposal with a work of paper in the project's dimensions. This is a folded tracing paper whose relief allows a shadow and light drawing. The piece is visible in galerie de multiples in Paris until 30th January 2016 and on demand.


Personal show in Paris / La vision de la ligne à l’oeil nu

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La vision de la ligne à l’œil nu is an art show which lasted one day on 21th of April 2012 in Paris in Espace 42, near the main city-hall.

With this project, the artist tries to break with the conception of a predetermined duration. The presence of the artist during the whole show actually enriched this projectm leaving the entry in the artist's world, promoting the exchange between the artist and the viewer.





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