Folded paper and metal installation

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Installation with folded paper and metal construction elements. Variable dimensions.

This artwork was created during the workshop experience in Berlin, from the ParisXBerlin contest. It was filmed during the short film, produced in collaboration with 10 artists. All the artworks were also presented during the exhibition and premiere of the movie.

You can find a link here below : ParisXBerlin



Folded Papers 2015

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New 2016!>

t's a new year and a new begging is ahead of us.

It's time of track records and new resolutions...

In attached piece you will find a selection of folded papers.

Return to the first material with a less scientific and more intuitive approach which is driven of the manual pleasure which gives the liberty of interpretation.


Paper dress 2013 with fashion studio Diacheli

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Paper dres 2013 is a part of a personal command from fashion studio Diacheli (, which is a part of the tradition of using the particular form. Plastically interesting, the form certainly catches the eye of the viewer, while addressing itself to the ephemeral concept of fashion, doomed to be exceeded, as the paper will not take part in the temporal and durable axis... To be continued. M.A.



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